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"Your Safe Harbor When You're Away"

About Us

By hiring Anchor’s Away Home Watch Service, you can rest assured that I will go out of my way to provide you with outstanding service in your absence. I want to provide peace of mind while you are away, short or long term, by limiting your home from exposure to potential perils, by checking for obvious issues on the interior and exterior of your home. Maintaining a second residence from a long distance away can be a very daunting task. I am here to help! I can customize a service plan just for you and your home. Anchor’s Away Home Watch is a vital service for all seasonal residents and I will contact you immediately if anything is out of order. In this sub-tropical climate, a lot of different issues occur that we northerners are not used to and many require immediate attention.
Anchor’s Away Home Watch is NOT a 24- hour emergency service. I am not a home inspector which would require a license. I cannot perform professional maintenance or repairs. I am a “home detective” looking to help find small problems before major problems can occur.

Important General Information

I will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your home and the surrounding property. Anchor’s Away Home Watch
Service is registered with Charlotte County and the State of Florida. I am insured.  Anchor’s Away Home Watch is a locally owned and woman operated business. Anchor’s Away Home Watch services the Rotonda Area, Placida, Boca Grande, South Gulf Cove and Englewood areas.

I personally will perform each home check in my unmarked vehicle and at varying days and times. I am a year-round resident with professionalism and integrity to meet your home watch needs. You never know who is watching your home and your comings and goings with the influx of all the construction and post hurricane workers. Florida is very transient and as someone once said to me, “Florida is a sunny place for shady people!” By offering professional and thorough home watch services, I can help you protect your investment.

I recommend making it a practice to review your homeowners insurance policy to see if your home is being catgorized as a seasonal or unoccupied home.  Many insurance companies have special clauses for unoccupied dwellings.  Make sure you understand what your insurance coverage limits are in this regard.  You don’t want to be finding out when you go to file a claim.

Hiring a neighbor or a friend to stop in for a peek and to check the mail and get the trash cans can have devastating effects, it can also mark the end of a friendship if things go south. It can also be financially devastating to the homeowner.

Serious damages can be caused by utilities, appliances, insects, mold and mildew and break ins if the home is not checked properly and regularly.

I do not perform just monthly home checks, as so much can go wrong during that prolonged time frame. This can give the owner a false sense of security. I offer weekly and bi-weekly visits only. Regular home checks can lessen and or prevent many detrimental circumstances. By creating a presence in your home, we may be able to deter burglaries, squatters, and other intruders.

I also perform a short-term service for a home owner taking a vacation. Performing daily or every other day checks, mail pick up, trash can removal, switch on/off lights, etc. Price to be determined. Each contract is tailored to your specific needs, so please do not hesitate to inquire about any additional services you may not see listed.

I will be checking the exterior and interior of the home by conducting a thorough inspection from my check list. I will check for wind, water damage, and to see if your pool is being properly maintained, On the exterior I will also check that the grass and landscaping are being maintained. I will be checking the air conditioning for proper temperature and humidity levels. I will be checking all doors and windows to see that they are locked and secured properly. I will be checking the refrigerator (s), freezers, water heater and pool pump for normal operation and to see nothing is leaking. I will run all faucets, flush all toilets to eliminate stagnant water from lines and check these for leaks as well. The dishwasher will be run once per month on a short cycle to prevent seals from drying out as well as running the garbage disposal.

I will email or text a photo of the reports if you wish and send any necessary photos.

I will leave the hard copy of each visit on the kitchen counter in case an insurance issue would arise and you would need proof the home has been checked regularly. A small water leak can lead to serious damage and mold can spread very quickly. This can lead to several thousands of dollars in remediation costs. It can also lead to health-related issues.



Pricing will be determined once the property is viewed and accessed and will be based off the client’s individual needs. The base monthly rate is $149.99 for 4 checks per month based up to an 1800 square foot home with pool. $159.99 for 1801 – 2100 square foot home and 169.99 for 2101-2500 square foot home. 2501 Square foot and more to be determined. Prices vary depending on size, needs, obstacles, etc. Any services such as meeting with a contractor or delivery person is $60.00 per hour, plus travel. I will provide written contracts protecting myself and the homeowner. Each property and each homeowner is unique and pricing will be based upon these factors. Additional services are offered and will be priced separately.