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Thank you for taking the time to look into my South West Florida Home Watch Service.   I am insured in the state of Florida and I will take the care of your home very seriously.


A Vacant Home is a Vulnerable Home

Insurance carriers can and will deny any and all claims if the dwelling is vacant or unoccupied for a period of time. Check your homeowner’s insurance policy to be sure you are covering all your bases by hiring my insured and bonded weekly home watch service.
Some seasonal residents unfortunately learned this the hard way after filing hurricane claims and other damage claims and being denied. All home check visits are documented with date and time of visit. The original document will be left in your residence for proof of the service visits and I can also text you copies in real time as well. It may even help your insurance rates if you can prove you a have a professional service regularly checking your seasonal residence.

Water Intrusion Can Cause Damage

Leaking water of any kind can lead to serious damage. In fact water intrusion will run up your bill and possibly lead to thousands of dollars in costly repairs.

Pools Need Regular Attention

Your home away from home is built for rest and relaxation.  Who doesn’t love spending time in the Florida sunshine lounging in the pool?  Pools however need to be checked regularly for problems and to make sure the pool service is doing its job.

A/C Units Require Monitoring

Homes in Florida rely on the A/C unit to keep the interior of the home at a normal temperature. Huge swings in humidity can allow moisture to enter.  Regular monitoring of your HVAC system is a must.